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First Dip Of Summer

Some people are still preparing for the upcoming summer season but for me and my university friends, it's summer time already. A midst our super hectic schedule at work, we agreed to have a mini-reunion. Mini reunions are usually held in a McDonald but this time, it's different. Guess where?!

This time, it's an out-of-the-town outing, away from the fast paced city life and more closer to nature. We decided to go to a beach somewhere south of Cebu, the town is called Moalboal. To reach there, we traveled approximately 3 hours from Cebu South Bus Terminal. We took Ceres Bus Liner with the route "Bato via Barili". We had one stop over at Barili, where people can buy some food or snacks, withdraw money, answer to the call of nature (e.g. peeing, pooping) and a lot more. The stop over will be just 10 to 15mins.

Bas Dako Beachline (Bas Dako is a Cebuano term for wide beach line.)

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Don't Keep Yourself Hanging With Doubts

I have this hobby of writing anywhere what's in my mind while I'm at work whether it's in a piece of paper, in my notebook, in my email drafts. And today while I'm deleting something in my email drafts and I came across this short poem I've written around November last year:

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Ending Is A New Beginning

Awhile ago I attended a friend's birthday celebration but I was in a hurry to go ahead and back to somewhere where my cousin and my Korean friend are waiting for me. I was a bit late from our agreed time because I find it hard to bid goodbye while some friends are still eating on the table. Why? It's because my late grandmother often told us that it's kinda rude to leave someone else on the table while they are still eating. But I had no choice I need to head back and send our Korean friend to the airport.

So, I asked permission to my friend who was celebrating his birthday to go ahead. And while I was bidding everyone else on the room goodbye, everyone was asking me, "Oh you're going ahead!". It was like they want to say the celebration wasn't over yet. Probably, they got used to it that I'm always one of those people in crowd who leaves the venue last.
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Counting While Time Is Ticking

5 days left and I can see you again
But why I'm dying right now?
I can hear the clock ticking
Like a death await in the end of it.
Fear envelopes me now more than excitement.

5 days left and I can hold your hands again
But why my tears are falling right now
Like someone really close to me just died
Sorrow and pain threatens me right now.

5 days left and 7 happy days will come
Where we can spent time together
Be happy and forget about tomorrow
Collecting every single minute of it.

7 days will be over as well like 5 days do
Then far away from me you'll go
As you vanish along with the silence of night
Turning back no more from where I am

Leaving frozen in time standing
Or staring at the ocean waves wondering
Or counting the sands at the seashore
While reminiscing all those good days.
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Road I've Taken, Adventures I've Embrace

    Each individual experienced different kinds of experiences last year, some has left with scars in there hearts, some collected wonderful memories. For some they felt it's just same old self, same old routine and just very lazy to recognize the difference of the past years.

    But for me, my life last year was like a roller coaster ride. I went up and gain the momentum and at times, I went down to the deepest part of my life where I grief and mourn. But I don't have to dwell on all those sorrowful moment, allow me to share where my feet brought me last year. This are the list of places and events that left wonderful memories for me.
  • Colorful Banners and Thousands of Mob on Street

    The devotees
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Silent Prayer Of My Wailing Heart

In my darkest hour, you are my sanctuary
You let me lay down in your bosom
Consoles my broken soul with soft caress
Listens to my heart's endless wailing
Like it's a music to your ears
Kisses me gently like it's a magic spell
Bringing my dead body back to life

My life is like a dark dungeon
But you shines like the sun does
Guides me in the path of thorns
Shields me from those whiplash
Your hugs are like painkillers
Makes me numb from pains
Urging my weak body to keep going

Filling my life with colors
When everything around me is black
Keeping the flame inside my heart
Allows me to glow outside
Filling my life with melodies
Turning into a wonderful song
I wish you'll always stay by my side
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He is someone who has a fire within him
He makes me spark to flame
His gaze when he stares straight to my eyes makes me melt
It weakens my body and all my senses.
He hugs and kisses me like no tomorrow
He holds my hand and squeezes them
And I squeeze back his hands
He longs for me so much that I can’t resist his longing
He don’t want somebody else but me and me alone

You are someone I stand to be with
You make me smile and laugh
You are my ideal guy
But when you’re around I can’t feel the sparks
I can’t feel butterflies in my stomach
No tight hugs and broken lips 
No passion and desire in your eyes
No hisses of I love you in my ears
That makes me giggle

I can’t make up my mind
Whom will I choose, you or him?
I want you to stay
And I want him to stay too
Confuse, confuse, confuse….
It seems I’m in a middle of two boulders
You are the one who keeps me steady
While he is the one who push me to become limitless

* Seven months ago I posted this in my tumblr account ( 

I gave up HIM for YOU but in the end I loses them both. Now, I'm wondering if what really went wrong? Is it me or the way I sort things out? Currently, I only have one realization in my mind: 
Go for someone who cares more about you, the one who hold you tight, the one that squeezes your hand back, the one who wants to know you more each day. Don't push them away from you just to cater your ideal guy.
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Our Feet Brought Us Back Into The Spanish Era

I woke up today hearing Christian music played over my laptop courtesy of Ate Janette.  And then some series of music usually played at the Basilica del Santo Niño. While listening to this music, we agreed to hear mass at the Basilica that morning right after our breakfast.  But the stream of music never ends with just Christian music, we also played some popular "Bisrock music", it's a genre of music known as Bisayan Rock popularly heard in Visayas and Mindanao. It started to bloom way back 2007.

Here are the two of the Bisrock songs we played this morning:

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Our Secret Sanctuary: Revelation and Destruction

There are things that are ought to be kept hidden and be buried over time. They should not be dug nor be brought up to present. But there are some people who wants to be like a historian. They want to uncover what's inside a locked casket, whether it's full of diamonds or gold bars or the other way around.

Will truth brings us something good or it brings us down into countless thoughts during our sleep?
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Spider-Man's Alter Ego: A Biracial Brooklyn Kid

Photo courtesy from Marvel Comics

Are you an avid fan of Marvel Comic Superheroes?  If you are or even if you're not, you must be familiar with one it's famous character "Spider-Man", the one who wears this famous red and blue suit.

Are you sad when Peter Parker got killed by Goblin Green at the "Ultimate Spider-Man" issue last June?